in association with The Modern World in a Primitive State of Mind Collective


walking through a drive-through
imitating kung fu
funny looking fat crew
throwing up beef stew

walking like a tourist
talking like a tourist
bitching, dealing, stealing
like a tourist

ripping off motels
bottles from the hotel
a tree for yuletide
taken from the outside

antisocial ratbags
looking for more fags
appropriating small goods
roughing up the neighbourhood

bucking like a tourist
shitting like a tourist
fornicating, defecating,
urinating tourist

bubba’s in a straw hat
brat’s gonna get fat
now I’m gonna leave ya
unruly pizza

driving ing like a tourist
arriving like a tourist
yelling, screaming,
parking like a tourist

deported like a tourist…

Unruly Tourist

Before the pandemic, lockdown, and villages being burnt down, there were Unruly Tourists creating havoc and the media lapping it up…

Written by Andy.
Performed by:
Tim – Drums
Fletcher – Hammond Organ
TC – Guitar / Vocals
Andy – Guitar / Vocals
Gareth – Bass/Vocals
David – Guitar
Thanks to Tom, Steve & whanau at Sublime Studio.


II. Dirty South

spinning out on devils bridge, coal pit, slaughter yard,
seven mile, white cliffs, round hill, reservoir…
old mill, rocklands, whiterocks, paradise…
tussocky, tutu, earthquakes and elephant

driving past the coal mine, it must be crib time
snake pit, pie cart, throwing up, falling down
falling out, making up, falling to the ground
… we were in love with the dirty south

to the place of light
running from the devil
lamb to the slaughter
pedal to the metal

the river mouth
after hours
stars above a long white cloud
… we were in love with the dirty south

III. Generations

from the mountain
to the sea
tears free
through the valley
to the mouth
blows out

from the pop to the crop
from the top to the drop
stands before thee
from the pop to the crop
from the top

from the bottom
to the top
gotta be careful
where you chop
from the topside
to the shin
gotta hone your
cutting in

from the block to the shop
from the chop to the pot
six generations
stand before thee
from the block to the shop
from the chop to the pot
six generations
stand before thee



Jesús Chrysler (Armagideon) Intro

by Andy Renaissance | Road-Testing The Apocalypse

Jesús Chrysler
rides beside ya
mud on your hands
blood moon horizon
you can rely on


Jesús Chrysler
is there to save ya

Jesús Chrysler
will entertain ya


Jesús Chrysler
flies beside ya
remedy in hand
no use waiting
you can’t rely on



CHOPS feat. Angus (Haggis) McFungus

by Andy Renaissance | Road-Testing The Apocalypse

chop suey
chop sticks
karate chop

lamp chop
chump chop
mutton chop
pork chop
chopping board
chopping block

chop it off
chop it down
chop wood
chop it up
chop and change
bust your chops
get the chop
chop shot

too choppy
chop shop
chop chop

After chopping chops
on the chopping block
I like to chomp
the chopped chops
with my chompers

Come back, we're always laying shit down.
Andy Renaissance © 2020 Respect.